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T-L Commercial 2014

T-L Quick Tow Pivot Demo

Towable center pivot or linear move irrigation systems must be able to move quickly and easily from location to location when irrigation timing is critical. Rotating the wheels for towing can be a difficult task in a muddy field on a hot day.

T-L’s exclusive scissor jack design utilizes the availability of hydraulics to lift the towers enabling tire rotation in minutes. While others are struggling, you will be on your way to the new location irrigating more acres more efficiently.

LaMoine Smith: T-L Irrigation Video Testimonial

LaMoine Smith is from Minden, Nebraska and has worked with T-L pivots since he was in college. After studying different pivots for a while, he has found that T-L pivots are the easiest to use because of the hydraulic system they use.

T-L Pivot Irrigation that’s Easier on You for a Life-time!

Good management is essential to farming success. T-L’s simple pivot irrigation design and reliability lets you manage your farm instead of being dedicated to irrigating. T-L’s reliability gives you the additional peace of mind of knowing it is running. Your complex world is simplified and easier on you. Your family will appreciate your availability, as well.

T-L Irrigation Towable

Recently it has been suggested that hydraulics and hydrostatic power is “old technology”. True, hydraulic power has been around for a long time, but there are good reasons for that. Hydraulic power is easy to understand, safe, efficient and economical. Virtually every machine essential to farming success utilizes hydraulics and every grower is highly familiar with the principles of hydraulic application and maintenance.

T-L Irrigation Gearbox Options

T-L’s continuous pivot irrigation movement reduces wear on the corner connection since the arm does not stop and go every minute of operation. The T-L pivot corner adjusts to the constant speed of the center pivot end tower and maintains a uniform speed and connection position.